Artist Statement

My life is governed by a series of categorizations both innocuous and problematic. On the suburban street where I grew up, houses came in one of four models. I have a banana every morning with a cup of coffee (cream, no sugar). The city I live in and vote in has 11 districts. As a woman in 2019, I can expect to make 82 cents on average for every dollar a man earns.


In my artwork, I explore routine, convention, and social norms through an emphasis on iteration and the multiple. I utilize media including printmaking, installation, the artist’s book, and social practice. My work takes the form of installations like study that addresses educational inequality through re-purposing classroom materials, or One Month (after O’Sullivan) that depicts a historical landscape photograph across fifty coffee cups. These works often take the form of social critique, my viewing American society through a lens of humor and skepticism. Through emphasizing quotidian subject matter like classroom supplies and coffee, I hope to also illuminate greater social inequalities.  


Jade Hoyer’s work closely examines her Tuesday mornings. By this she reflects on her morning coffee but also her positionality in society and the greater impact of her daily actions. She works in an expanded print practice, combining printmaking with artist’s books, social practice, and community activism. She has exhibited nationally and internationally has been recognized by organizations such as the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the Minnesota State Arts Board. She is based in Denver, Colorado, where she is an Assistant Professor of Art at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

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