Post-Racial Lunchbox

Commentary on racialized notions of success, a repurposed lunchbox houses imagery of foods that are also racial slurs: Apple, Banana Coconut, and Oreo.

How Asian are you?

You are HereHereHere

How Asian are You? helps a biracial individual determine where she falls on a racialized color spectrum. The text refers to paint colors available at hardware stores: New Snow, Cream, Honey-Dipped, Saffron, Yellow Brick, Downy Chick, Sunnyside Up, and Golden Path.

You are HereHereHere was executed through the Minnesota State Arts Board Cultural Partnership Grant and students at Saint Paul College — A Community and Technical College, the most diverse college in Minnesota. Many students are new immigrants to the United States.


For this project, I asked twenty students to identify the locations they thought of as “home,” taking students’ lead on how to interpret these locations. I ultimately created 80 prints that depicted 48 unique locations. Displayed together, the prints indicate the diversity of experiences present in the Twin Cities, and the common experience of calling the region home.