The installation, study, addresses socioeconomic inequality in American secondary education through reimagining a classroom space. The works shown utilize data from the National Center for Education Statistics and the Minnesota Department of Education.

installation view,
Ewing  Gallery
University of TN, Knoxville

A Collective Apology depicts the words of Missouri Board of Education Vice President, issued at a commencement address at Normandy Middle School (Ferguson, Missouri) in 2015.

The Privilege Flower is based upon the “power flower” schematic used by the Doris Marshall Institute for Education and Action. (Toronto, Canada) to depict intersectionality. Each petal of the flower represents an aspect of social identity, such as race, class, or gender. The value of the petals (dark versus light) indicate whether based on this social identity I experience privilege.

63% addresses high school completion rates at Patrick Henry High School (Minneapolis) in 2009, the year I worked there as a staff member. The piece utilizes verbiage from letters of recommendation I wrote for students. “Student Name Here” is ranked “X” in their class of 273” the piece reads. The last number, however, is crossed out, and then replaced with the number 272, etc. The number chain thus reflects student drop-out rates.